Yunca pride themselves in their engineering services, and their ability to problem solve through the engineering process.


  • Repair and replacement of rod to yoke weld with the view to achieving a zero failure rate (Boyne and NZAS).

  • Dog magic trolley maintenance, which requires the ongoing overhaul of Power and Free Overhead Conveyor components including full refurbishment of from bearings, sleeving, axles and painting.

  • Ongoing maintenance over the past 20 years, of cell hoods, facing and repair of rods.

Refurbishment of rod bars & stubs, as well as   transition joint replacement

Refurbishment of rod bars & stubs, as well as transition joint replacement


Yunca's provision of engineering services includes state-of-the-art facilities, machinery, and plant. 

Italian designed Penta Swing II Fiber Laser


A new addition to Yunca’s engineering and production capability for 2019 is the Italian designed Penta Swing II Fiber Laser. This laser cutter is a fully enclosed unit with world class components including Japanese servo motor and drives, Taiwanese racks, pinions and speed reducers, and a German cutting head.

The machine has a 4000mm x 2000mm transfer table with a vacuum lifter for ease of loading sheets, and can cut materials of the following specification:

  • Stainless steel up to 10mm

  • Carbon Steel up to 16mm

  • Aluminium up to 8mm

The laser compliments our existing capabilities of turreting, folding, pressing, spot welding, fabrication, linishing, powder coating and vitreous enamelling.

Send us an email or give us a call for all your engineering requirements.

Farley Wizard II Plasma Cutting Machine


The Farley Wizard II is the second generation of the Farley Wizard Plasma Cutting systems which have earned a reputation as the most productive single carriage CNC system on the market today. Developed specifically for high performance cutting in the air conditioning ductwork, sheetmetal and heavy plate fabrication industries, the Farley provides optimum productivity with a range of application software packages.

Robotic Welding Arm


The Robotic Welding Arm is a 6 axis welding robot arm which has the capacity to do full fillet welds. Capable of welding aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel, it is an efficient way of welding when doing production runs.

Wiederman CEntrum 2000 CNC Turret Punch Press


The Wiederman Centrum 2000 CNC Turret Punch Press is a 20 tonne, 1220mm x 1000mm table, capable of 3000mm x 1220mm sheets, 22 station turret (2 indexable), punches steel to 3mm with +/- 0.1 accuracy.


Gas Torch.jpg
  • Amada HD-900 Horizontal Bandsaw

  • Lathe's

  • Mill's

  • Billet Saws

  • Vertical Bandsaws


MIG Welding.jpg
  • Double Pulse Alloy MIG Welders

  • Flux Core & Solid MIG Welders

  • HF Inverter TIG Welders

  • Production Spot Welding


Cad Screen Shot.jpg
  • 2D & 3D CAD (Inventor & Solidworks)

  • FEA Analysis Software

  • CFD Analysis Software

  • Hi End Rendering and Animation


Sheetmetal B.jpg
  • Adira Guillotine

  • Adira NC Brake Press

  • Rollers

  • Swaging & Flaring

  • Punches

  • Press Tools

  • Stamping


Glove A.jpg
  • Sandblasting

  • Paint Booth

  • Forklifts

  • Cherry Picker

  • Suite of Digital Measuring Equipment